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Strength & Speed Program

2020 Fall Strength & Conditioning

Please see the Lakeville South Strength website for registration and detailed schedule information:

Message about off-season strength & conditioning:

Our Fall, Off-Season Strength and Conditioning session registration for athletes in grades 9-12 is now open.  We are working on grade levels 6-8 and will communicate once we are ready to accommodate these athletes.  

There are a number of things that are going to be different from the Summer session.  

First, if you are an "In-season" athlete, you do not need to register or pay the fee.  In-season applies only to: Soccer (B&G), Girls Tennis, Cross Country, and Girls Swimming. 

All other Teams are considered "Off-season" and must complete the registration and pay the $125 fee.  If you have any financial issues with the fee, please contact us at  and we will work out the best plan for you to make sure your athlete participates.  

Second - there are multiple locations and schedules we will train with in the early Fall, while the weather allows.  We will utilize both the indoor and outdoor areas.  The schedule is on the website and attached to this message.  We will move to a full, indoor model once the weather dictates it - A new schedule will be sent and posted.

The registration is similar to Summer - go to:  and follow the prompts - starting with the Registration link - and finish with payment.  Teams will train together mainly, but we will communicate any changes or POD/Time assignments.  

We will begin the schedule on Monday, Aug. 31.  We understand there will be people finishing up vacations etc. until school starts.  However, that leads to the most important part of holding a Fall session. 

This unusual Fall created a unique training model that required a fee so that we could hire the necessary staff and replace equipment from the summer use.  We need to get 100 participants registered to make sure we can adequately staff and equip the training stations (indoor/indoor track/outdoor). We did experience some equipment deterioration that needs to be replaced from our summer session. 

If you are planning on joining the Fall session as an Off-season athlete, please register ASAP so we can secure staffing and get equipment ordered quickly.

Please email questions to 

Thank you for your participation and support during this time.  It is a really good time to look at our philosophy, and truly understand -  This is where we are: "Building Champions!"

The LSHS Strength and Conditioning Staff